iota is a collection of postcard sized stories of day-to-day goodness.

iota stories

"I was at Sage Camp and they had high wires. I was scared of high but want to imporve to myself that I could beat my fear. I start to climb and got scare so people down at bottom said you can do it. I start to say I can do it and amke to the top. I beat my fear and prove to myself I can do anything if I try." 


Hamilton, Ontario 

"We lived on a short country road."

"In England we lived on a short country road. One day driving to town, a tractor, which was behind me, began honking his horn and pointing. Thinking he wanted to overtake, I moved over. He honked again and I put my arm out the window to wave him ahead of me. He honked again. I stopped my Mini, got out and walked to his window and said "what?" He replied, "you left your wallet on top of your car!" 


Hamilton, Ontario 

"I love Hamilton!"

"Through reaching out to my neighbours and my community at large, I have found home. I feel like I belong to something greater than myself and have found my purpose for being. Neighbours have supported me over and over again, uplifting me, changing me, challenging me - loving me and acknowledging me. My community has embraced me and my family as their own. I love Hamilton!" 



"I am incredibly grateful for the 3 trips I took to Colorado Springs in 2004, 2005, and 2008. The rocky mountains are truly breathtaking - literally when you're standing at the top of a 14.115 foot high peak! Pike's Peak is the one I went up several times. Twice I rode up in a cog railway train. During those trips, the tour guide told us to make sure we breathed deeply at the top because the air is so think up there. I also drove up Pike's Peak with a few other poeple in a van with a bunch of bikes. We rode back down the mountain on the bikes - wheeeee! You need your wits about you but it was the most awesome way to view the scenery." 


Hamilton, Ontario 

"One of the best experiences I have ever had!"

"During a serious battle with breast cancer in 2012, I decided to search for my parents who had put me up for adoption in 1970. At the age of 44 I met my biological mother for the first time. We developed a year-long relationship and then she decided to pull away - unfortunately we are no longer in contact. However, that same year I also met my birth father, and we have become very close over these past four years. I'm very grateful, and very happy! One of the best experiences I have ever had!" 


Hamilton, Ontario 

"She's a gem"

"Recently my partner was away for work and our son was violently sick - vomit everywhere! He was just a mess and so so sad. I was trying to manage it all (the laundry, cuddles, cleaning up puke, keeping the dog from eating puke!) alone and it was too much. In tears I called my friend Carly and she came to help without any complaint or question. I still don't think she knows how much that night meant to me - she's a gem." 

Hamilton, Ontario 

"We should count our blessings"

"Last week driving down Bold St, we saw a man fall & hit his head. Called 911 - I was so impressed by the 911 response. They were there in 3 min (although it felt like a long time waiting). Fire, ambulance, police... they responded giving excellent care to the fallen man. we are so blessed to live in a community with quick responses & caring people. Imagine if we lived in Aleppo? We should count our blessings not just at this time of year but always!" 

Hamilton, Ontario 

"Keeping her safe from the returning weasel."

"I have 2 chickens. A weasel killed one of them last week. I set the dog crate up in the covered, cool temp porch to house the last lone hen each night. Keeping her safe from the returning weasel. Each day I put the hen outside to free range and open the coup up for her to get feed during the day. It takes my courage to open that coup door maybe seeing that weasel." 

Puslinch, Ontario 

"I'm now up to the challenge with support from friends and family."

"6 months ago I partial tore my ACL and MPFL and sprained my MCL playing soccer. I play rep competitive soccer and experiencing this injury was very discouraging considering it as a long process of recover an talking to doctors about if I needed surgery (I didn't) I thought I would never play again but I have . It'll be a long process to regain my skills but I'm now up to the challenge with support from friends and family."



"and 6 years later we're friends"

"When I was in grade 5 this guy use to pick on me all the time. It go so bad to the point where he punched me in the face and I ended up with a black eye. By 6th grade I finally stood my ground and when he hit me I ran after him and jumped on him telling him if he ever does it again I'll get him back for everything he ever did. He never bothered me again and 6 years later we're friends."