iota is a collection of postcard sized stories of day-to-day goodness.


"Keeping her safe from the returning weasel."

"I have 2 chickens. A weasel killed one of them last week. I set the dog crate up in the covered, cool temp porch to house the last lone hen each night. Keeping her safe from the returning weasel. Each day I put the hen outside to free range and open the coup up for her to get feed during the day. It takes my courage to open that coup door maybe seeing that weasel." 

Puslinch, Ontario 

"I'm now up to the challenge with support from friends and family."

"6 months ago I partial tore my ACL and MPFL and sprained my MCL playing soccer. I play rep competitive soccer and experiencing this injury was very discouraging considering it as a long process of recover an talking to doctors about if I needed surgery (I didn't) I thought I would never play again but I have . It'll be a long process to regain my skills but I'm now up to the challenge with support from friends and family."



"and 6 years later we're friends"

"When I was in grade 5 this guy use to pick on me all the time. It go so bad to the point where he punched me in the face and I ended up with a black eye. By 6th grade I finally stood my ground and when he hit me I ran after him and jumped on him telling him if he ever does it again I'll get him back for everything he ever did. He never bothered me again and 6 years later we're friends."


"And I couldn't be happier."

"One courageous thing that I have done is go on my first date with a girl. Before I went on the date no one ever really liked me or gave me a chance so when this girl asked me out I was so scared. I ended up agreeing to go out with her to the movies and I had this huge fear that she would not like me and regret it. Finally, when I met her all my fears went away and it was the best thing ever. I've dated her for 2 years now and I couldn't be happier."


"I have the courage to free myself"

"Courage comes in so many forms. I haven't saved a life or jumped from a cliff, but I have learned to be courageous in letting go of things that no longer serve you. Whether it be a negative person, a toxic relationship, or a bad habit, it is so much more fulfilling to let it all go. I have the courage to free myself of anything that tries to hold me back." 

Hamilton, Ontario 

"I got through it and CRUSHED IT!"

"A few months ago I faced what I thought was going to be the scariest thing I would ever do. I got up in front of 40 people and told them about my anxiety. I got through it and CRUSHED IT! I got so many hugs from strangers. I was so worried about being so vulnerable but it was honestly one of the best things I have ever done. It was so empowering to do something that seemed terrifying but I came out triumphant." 

St. George, Ontario 

"It was a big step for me."

"During my second year of high school (grade 10), I was placed with a task of having to present orally in front of 29 of my classmates, as well as teacher. The presentation included me having to do a 5-minute oral speech based off a certain topic. Although presenting orally may not be a hard task to face for others, it was a big step for me personally. In the end, I faced my fears and was courageous towards this task rather that hiding away and not completing it at all." 

Hamilton, Ontario 

"They gave me the courage to speak up"

"In 12th grade, I had really terrible anxiety and it resulted in me failing 3 classes and skipping school. I was really anxious about going into grade 13 because I completely hated going to school, but my 13th year ended up being my best year in high school. I made new friends that encouraged me to come out of my shell, although I was still anxious, they helped me grow out of it and they gave me the courage to speak up and not feel judged." 


"She's such an inspiration"

"My grandmother has always been around since my mom and dad split up, watching me while my mom would work 2 jobs, and recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. As hard as it's been, I've been helping her out with appointments and taking her back and forth and just being there with her. She's such an inspiration and my rock, always has and always will be." 

Hamilton, Ontario