iota is a collection of postcard sized stories of day-to-day goodness.

Vintage coffee roasters

"We should count our blessings"

"Last week driving down Bold St, we saw a man fall & hit his head. Called 911 - I was so impressed by the 911 response. They were there in 3 min (although it felt like a long time waiting). Fire, ambulance, police... they responded giving excellent care to the fallen man. we are so blessed to live in a community with quick responses & caring people. Imagine if we lived in Aleppo? We should count our blessings not just at this time of year but always!" 

Hamilton, Ontario 

Courage - we need your stories!

It's November and we're looking for stories of courage.

Tell us about a time that you were brave.
Tell us about a time you witnessed someone do something even though they were really scared. 
Tell us about those who inspire you everyday with small or big acts of courage. 

What's acts of courage have you witnessed? 


There are still a couple gratitude stories (fresh from Vintage Coffee Roasters this morning!) that'll we'll post and then we'll start posting more courage stories. 




Vintage Coffee Roasters

We're excited to announce that you can NOW pick up and drop off your iota postcards at Vintage Coffee Roasters , at 977 King St. East in Hamilton. If you haven't been there yet, I highly recommend their banana bread (YUM) and of course the coffee. It's the perfect spot to cozy up with a good book or write your iota story. 

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Keep your eyes open for this box...

Happy writing!