iota is a collection of postcard sized stories of day-to-day goodness.

A new way to contribute

HI Friends, 

We're two weeks into this project and it's been fun to see  how you guys are interacting with the stories. Most days it feels like we might actually be able to do this thing - collect 365 stories, one for each day of the year.  Here's the thing, I'm still looking for a few more stories about Joy for September and am now collecting stories for October (gratitude) and November (courage). 

Want to contribute a story but don't live in or near Hamilton, Ontario?

Download and print the postcard PDF here, jot down your story, take a picture of your postcard and email it to In your email let me know your first name and where you're writing us from. 

I'm hoping in the next few days/weeks to set up a PO box so you can mail me your postcards. A big part of this project will be creating an instillation with all the postcards and to do that I'll need physical copies of your stories - I'm still working out a few kinks about this idea. 

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or sign-up for email alerts to receive the daily postcard. 

Cheers, Deb