iota is a collection of postcard sized stories of day-to-day goodness.

Why now? Why this?

It’s finally happening – tomorrow iota goes live with our first story posting!

But how did we get here?

A few months ago, I remember thinking that there was nothing good happening around me. Nothing. Not one iota of goodness. 

If you know me this is rare for me. I can usually find something good but everyone and everything seemed to be hurting. I was feeling overwhelmed by the ever mounting pile of sad stories. Everywhere I looked there was another story of pain, hurt, and destruction. In that moment I needed to know that there was an iota of goodness still out there. I needed a place, a space where I could find these stories. So I went looking for stories, your stories, of day-to-day goodness.

iota is an attempt to inject our collective narrative with stories of joy, gratitude, and hope. It is not an attempt to erase or drown out stories of pain or hurt – those stories are important too. It is a reminder that there are still things of beauty, glimpses of kindness and people around us who care – we just have to be looking for them.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed collecting them.

Cheers, Deb


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