iota is a collection of postcard sized stories of day-to-day goodness.

"I could fill a book"

"In my life I have had many times and reasons to be thankful for. I could fill a book. I lived in East Germany. One evening in October 1957 I boarded a train to Berlin Berlin was divided in four sections. Russian, American, British and French. In the baby carriage I had my 6 month old baby. The train station in Berlin was deserted, only the soldiers with their guns shouldered patrolled. To reach the subway I had to go down the stairs. No elevators or escalators. I had to ask the solider to help me down the stairs. He asked me where I wanted to go so late with the baby. I said to visit an aunt and uncle. I did not want to lie. I was thankful he did not ask where they live. They lived in the American section. My reason for going there was to escape East Germany. My husband had to go a different way to Berlin. We could not be seen together, that was suspicious. My aunt and uncle were waiting for me at the subway station. I made it safely to the West by about 11:00 at night. Now we were waiting anxiously for the arrival of my husband. Long hours, lots of prayers. Finally, a knock at the window around 4:00 in the morning. He made it too. We all hugged and prayed, thanking God for his protection and help. We were very very thankful." 


Mississauga, Ontario